Saturday, 15 November 2014

Post by CT Girl–Rikki Graziani .. #3 in the series Where do you create?

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Hi Rikki here with this months ‘’where do you create?. I am very lucky to have my own space in what would be the formal lounge room (seriously who uses this room?), so it is now known as my work room…..
An over view of the space…..
10804814_752836161419976_1134515435_o 10811587_752836014753324_396138377_n
I may have a ‘’slight’’ washi addiction but it looks soooooooooooooooooooo pretty and neat I am a bit of a neat freak when it comes to my space. The washi holder sits on top of completed photo albums, which there are over 25 completed in year order.
10735732_752836018086657_1342900929_n  10721385_752836008086658_2086296774_n
Cant go past Tim Holtz inks and refills and I love my holder for them ……. See neat freak!!!!
I am very lucky my hubby made me some custom shelving to hold my paper stash, so I just drew up my plans with all the detail …..
My Mixed media trolley I love that it can wheel right next to me and its perfect for a quick clean up.
I have my tech centre, computer and my latest addition is my light box so no more chasing the sun to photograph the layouts.
Stamp storage all neat, flat and tucked away in the boxes on my shelves.
Photo Storage dust free and great to grab for crops….
And last but not least….. my wall for my work which I change time to time, love these frames they are plastic and allow for flexing with bulky layouts , from Ikea.
So hope you have enjoyed a little insight to where the mojo flows when its flowing.
Have a creative day

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Zan said...

Wow what a fab space. Makes my teeny tiny desk surrounded by a mish mash of supplies look very sad but any space is better than none I reckon. Love your storage ideas.