Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Post by CT Girl Marie Eve Bernard – #9 in the series ‘Where do you create”?

This is my turn to present my craft space this month.  My craft space is tiny, but i think I'm pretty organized.  So there it is:


This is my Raskog.  I bought it at IKEA.  I love it!  My medium are now well organized.  My only regrets: why I didn't take the Turquoise one?????  lol


This is my organisation for my embellishments.  I have several plano box (box for fishing accessories).  Each box contain a different colour and i have one for wood embellishments and one  for metal.  I love this organisation because, i easily find what fits on my page.

I also discover that I have a better use of my stuff.  I admit, you have to be a little bit disciplined, because you have to sort everything when you buy new stuff, but i worth it!  


The last thing that i love in my craft space is this book.  It's my medium inventory.   I found that, often, it's hard to properly judge the colour of a spray just by looking at the bottle.  So i made this book with a sample of all my medium.  When i need a particular colour, i look in my book.  Also, when i shop for new ones, it's fun, because i know exactly what i have.  


So this is my little heaven!
Thanks for looking!


Katie said...

I might have to make my own book like this! What a brilliant idea!

Lizzy Hill said...

I really enjoyed this little look in your room.....some great ideas - thanks for sharing:):)

Lizzyc said...

A lovely space.. thanks for sharing!