Saturday, 14 March 2015

Post by Ct Girl Lizzy Crust –#7 in the series ‘Where do you create”?

From the beginning of time, man has needed a place where he could relax, a place he could have as his own space.

The cave man had his cave..

Tarzan had his jungle.

Batman had his Bat-cave..

And men have their sheds..

Well I have my scrap room.. At first glance to the untrained eye my room may appear to look like this…


But when I walk into my space it feels like this..


It may appear to look like a mess, but to me everything is just where I need it to be.
And while I have a mish mash of cupboards and drawers, I do know where most things are.. I do however get a pleasant surprise on occasion when I discover a long lost range of papers or embellishments that just moved slowly into the back ground of my room design… So what does my space look like?..

I have a couple of photos so you can see where I sit and create..

Looking at my desk… ahhh I love that corner!! Everything is around me, I just have to swivel my chair!


One of my most used tools is my Big Shot that is just across from my desk and this gives me a reason to get up and stand to cut out my die cuts..


One other aspect of my scrap room that I enjoy and this helps in the process of creating and relaxing is the view out of my window which looks out into my garden. Often my horse walks by, or magpies dance across the lawn in search of food, and other birds sit in the tree for a rest out of the sun..


My dream is to one day have one of those scrap rooms with the matching cupboards and everything in lovely containers named with wonderful tags on the front, but for now I am happy to have this little place to call my own..


Lizzy Hill said...

Soooo nice to see where you create, Lizzy.....& I adore your view too! So nice to see a real, well used & loved space too. And it's lovely just the way it is.....has pretty amazing stuff coming out of it, too!!!

Sandy Ross said...

Love your space....and your view is amazing! Such a great place to create!

Tracey said...

Its Perfect! As long as you know where everything is...thats all that matters. Wish I had your view :)

Sandi Spink said...

Amazing creative area, mine is small and crowded at the moment with all my daughters stuff she couldn't fit in her room or the shed when she moved back home. It's great to have her home, lol when she's actually here and not working. I'll get my room back next year, when she moves to Adelaide.

Mumma Magoo said...

Your space is fantastic! I dream to have a space like that one day :) Love your view.

B's knees said...

Aah such space! I love your room. It looks well used and loved. With such a beautiful view I would be torn between outdoors and scrapping.I always appreciate your comments on my blog. Thank you.
Heather B.

tracey henly said...

LOL I love how you presented it very well down and I love your creative space too.