Friday, 16 January 2015

Post by CT Girl–Tracey Henly .. #5 in the series Where do you create?

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I was lucky enough to always have this room for my craft. Its original intention of use was a formal dining room. When we first moved in I just made do with old pieces of furniture from our old houses, that didn’t have a purpose in this new house. So it did look like a jumble sale or op shop for a long time.


Back in 2012 I decided to have it custom built, I used the builder from the company I work for who constructs our school uniform shops.
These photos are when he first completed it. I did have before photos but do you think I can find them!!!!


Then I filled it up with all my goodies. I was really happy how it looked like a little craft shop.
That was until I started using it. Then of cause it looked like a bomb had hit it. LOL.

 Hope you enjoyed looking at my favourite room. It is a joy to create in there.


Lizzyc said...

It is such a beautiful space Rikki!! When can I move in and mess it up..hehe!!

Mumma Magoo said...

OMG Rikki, I am soooo many kinds of jealous! Your space is fantastic and so spacious. You are one lucky chickie :)

Nicole Doiron said...

Oh my! It looks like a dream room Rikki! Love it... especially that frame wall! :)