Monday 1 April 2024

Welcome to April ...

 Welcome to our APRIL challenge.  

This year we are continuing with using a base colour and allowing you to use any variation of that colour you might like to use - light, dark, colour ranges just so long as we can tell it IS the monthly colour.  The only slight difference is this year we require you to do your layout using white cardstock as your base.

We also have a simple monthly criteria for you to follow.

 You can use black, dark brown, grey or navy as your accent colour for journaling, titles etc and we will allow green if part of a floral pattern.  We'd love to see you take inspiration from this board and incorporate items you see and inspire you - perhaps you like adding books prints to your page, or using checks, see squares or circles you can incorporate into your work.  Perhaps you love the sea and wish to do an ocean theme or are inspired by vinyl records and wish to use that as your theme? Please mention what inspired you on your entry.

Criteria - please use a black and white vintage photo on your page.

This month we welcome back Theresa Kamp to the team.  

and now some totally amazing inspiration from our wonderful 2024 team in no particular order.

Victoria King (Australia)

Karen Guy (Australia)
I was inspired by the Beach scene and scrapped a very old photo of myself on the beach.

Tracey Beer (Australia)
Inspired by the photos. We do it so casually now but back then it was a big, expensive deal.

Karen Brierley (Australia)
Inspired by the images of the sea and the netting. Vintage photos circa 1946-1948, from my Mum's collection.

Amanda Moran (Australia)
Inspired by the ocean, photographs and grid on the mood board, I’ve used a vintage photo of myself, my brother and Mum at the beach circa 1968. 

Theresa Kamp (Australia)
My mum sitting on the chair back in the early 60’s inspired by the old record the old photos with borders on them and the lights which inspired the dotty paper.

Heather Bensley (Australia)

Jane Howden (Australia)
I was inspired by the grid and also the idea of having something in your hands to help document a playground game I played with school friends back in the day.

In 2024 we will have one main prize each month selected by random draw.  If we have over 15 entries I will do an additional prize draw.

 This is open to all entrants so anyone could be a winner.

Plus there will be a special "Admin Choice" winner who will receive an invitation to guest with us next month. 

To enter please visit our Facebook public group White with 1 challenges and put your entry directly into our monthly album under media.

All entries must be new for this challenge and the original work of the entrant. Please remember we are a layout only challenge - cards, OTP or pocket page entries (etc) are not eligible for prizes. Your entry must be submitted on a white cardstock background with the one extra colour added - small amounts of brown, navy or black may be used for contrast and we will allow green if part of a floral pattern. International entries are welcome.

We'd love to see how you use our White with 1 colour combination this month. Please come and join in with us! You have until the end of the month to get your entry in.

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