Sunday, 22 October 2017

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Each month one of our team will either introduce themselves and their lovely work to you with a few questions and answers or alternatively inspire you with a little tutorial, tip or trick to help you in your creative pursuits.

This month we introduce ...


How would you describe your personal scrapbooking style?

I like to use a lot of white space in my designs and I would describe my style as clean and simple. I have never been drawn to having lots of product on my pages and prefer the "less is more" approach to scrapbooking. I scrap both traditionally with paper and also digitally using Photoshop and love both formats.  I find  playing with paper soothes the soul and I get a great deal of enjoyment from a few hours at my craft table but I also love the creativity and crispness of digital scrapbooking and am particularly proud of some of the work I have created in this medium.

Is there anyone in the scrapbooking industry you particularly admire?

There are a few industry names I have followed for a very long time who inspire me with their enthusiasm and love of this craft.  Shimelle Laine, May Flaum, Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielski immediately spring to mind and I have done a very many online classes with all these amazing ladies over the years (and enjoyed every one of them!)

Typically how many photos do you put on your layout? 

I tend to scrap one or two photos, with an occasional break out to three or more.  I will often have a single photo as a 12x12 page and then add additional photos to a pocket page to sit along side this.  I find this is a really good way of showcasing those extra photos without having to do a double page spread. 

Which style of scrapbooking makes you want to create?

I love working with black and white photographs and in particular heritage /vintage ones.  There is just something really special about these older images - I like to feel I am not only creating something beautiful but preserving a tiny piece of history along the way.

If you could only add only one embellishment to your page what would it be? 

At the moment I am very much into enamel dots (and/or puffy stickers) but in the past it has been brads, buttons, rhinestones, pearls and sequins .... basically anything small and round :)

What is your best piece of advice for someone just starting out in this craft?

You don't need to purchase everything - truly you don't.  Getting caught up in having the latest and greatest product or tool or buying every new collection each season is simply foolhardy. Believe me your children will not know (or even care) what year your paper was from when they look at their albums in the future - it will be all about the photos on the pages and the stories they tell.

You still have time until the end of the month to upload your take on our  PINK WHISPER challenge.

All details are on the blog sidebar. We'd love to see what you can do with our wonderful colour this month.

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Jessica T said...

I love your Caught in Cows page!
I totally agree with your last answer - if you want to buy everything and get all the new products and tools that's up to you, but you can create amazingly beautiful pages with older supplies, minimal supplies, and supplies purchased from discount stores rather than the leading industry names. Your pages and the memories they keep are important, the supplies aren't.