Wednesday 1 July 2015

July Challenge time at White.. with 1

.. and what a challenge of a colour I have for you all this month!  .. I even had the Creative Girls scratching their heads over it! It is Pantones official colour of the year for 2015 and its such a lovely warm/wintery type colour!

Introducing ..


for some inspiration .. check out this google image link or this pinterest link!
Tanya Warren

Carol Deal

Amanda Baldwin
Amanda Jane

Tania Ridgwell

Janet Bott

Marie-Eve Bernard

Lizzy Crust

Denyse Bedard 
Tracey Henly

Heidi Barclay

Amanda Hartmann
Amanda H

Kylie Cornish

Nicole Doinon

Julie Pearce
Julie P
International Guest Creative Team Designer!
Mary Somaraki-Agapides (Melenia) from Greece
Life is a gift
melenia picHow long have you been scrapping ? I started scrapping in 2009, but I took huge steps to improving my scrapbooking skills from 2012 and onwards!  How many people in your family ? any children?  I am a mother of two children, a boy and a girl, aged 9 & 7 respectively. I am blessed to be married to a wonderful man who supports me in my scrapbooking journey and shows patience in my shortcomings. who do you scrap the most ? I mainly scrap photos that I find in Pinterest and other websites.  your favourite colours to scrap with ?  I love all the colours, but I have to choose a couple of them, these would be the colours of water and of fire. Your favourite designers or scrapbookers ? Among my favourite designers I would definitely include Kasia Krzyminska, Fran Westmoreland and Finnabair. who or what inspires you ? Russian music has always been my passion, so when I scrap there's always some Rachmaninoff or Tchaikovsky music sounding (in high volume in the room! where do you live? I live in Crete, a Greek island, in the south-east of Europe.

So I guess that's everything!  Thanks again for the invitation to be a guest designer in WW1!!
~Melenia     You can check out my blog here:
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