Wednesday, 22 November 2017

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Each month one of our team will either introduce themselves and their lovely work to you with a few questions and answers or alternatively inspire you with a little tutorial, tip or trick to help you in your creative pursuits.

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My Scrap Area Tour by Janet Bott

My space isn’t overly big but its functional and its relatively organised and tidy. I’m the kind of scapper that can’t work with too much mess or with a untidy desk, so I tend to put stuff away after I’m finished with it. 

This is an overall view of my space. It’s really a dining room in disguise but really, I don’t need an extra dining room space but I did need a spot for my craft and for my kids to colour/make a mess/steal my cardstock or scissors in. There really isn’t much to it, I’m not stacked with space but it works. It means I don’t keep anything I can’t or won’t use so no hoarding for me. Desk is by Ikea (Alex desk), it originally had a white top but that soon got really horrible with paint and resin stains so I found these red panels for $5 each in Ikea in the ‘as is’ section and a new top was born that is amazing as an extra-long work surface. 

On top is a desk shelf unit that holds all my paints, mists, adhesives and other misc. things that I use often.

I keep a sectioned glass plate that I grabbed from an opshop for holding bits that I am using for the project. It was a $2 find that helps to keep things so I can see all the tiny stuff on a layout I may use without them all falling or being lost on my desk.

To the right on top of the desk are my ephemera drawers. I picked them up in the reject shop a few years ago and have one per colour for the square drawers. The set below it works as my rubbish drawer, the drawer of washi, the drawer of stuff I frequently use and a put away spot for each job – as I use it, I put it in there so I just grab the drawer at the end of the project and put it all away.

A painted Ikea cart for most of my acrylic paints and resin supplies. The bottom 2 shelves hold store packing supplies.

The long white Alex drawer unit holds ribbon, bottle adhesives, markers, stamps/inks, colourblast pastes and powders, enamel dots, my resin stash, glitter, flags and so much more.

The Ikea Kallax shelf unit that holds SOOO much, from the majority of my moulds in clear pull out drawers from the reject shop, to my small stashes of cardstock and pattern paper stashes, two embellishment cases (done in rainbow colours), the thickers and alphabet basket and a myriad of other goodies all hidden in cube baskets.

On top of the Kallax Unit are some wood drawer units I have had for 8ish years that hold all my paper scraps that are larger than 4x6. It’s the first place I go when I’m making a card or need to add layers for a project, so many treasures in there. 

The top shelf on the left holds 4 opaque Officeworks drawer units for most of my small store products. These drawers are $20 a set and each drawer have 3 dividers in it so you can have 4 different items per drawer. Such a space saver.

 On the top shelf are kits from The Scrappery, my current album I’m adding to, mystery kit and shop supplies. If your short on space but want to set things out so they can be found – invest in a few sets of these opaque drawers, they are worth the cost. The vintage sewing table was a $20 find in an opshop near me, I have been meaning to paint it for a few years but as yet, there is always another project. It sits next to my desk to hold the resin drying racks (in an upside wine holder) and the doors open with a drawer unit that holds collage and spare adhesives. The white road side pickup coffee table that sits under the desk to holds jewellery making supplies, finished resin pieces, beads and the OTP trays for messy projects. 

I keep any ideas or sketches that I like on a metal ring. It’s easy enough to grab a screen shot from Pinterest and then print them out, add a hold and add them onto the ring. Its portable and takes up less space.

 That’s about it for my scrap space, thanks for looking 😊 
If you have any other questions, feel free to search Janet Bott on Facebook or on Instagram as The Resin Rainbow.

 Cheers Janet 

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