Sunday, 10 August 2014



White .. With 1 are looking for sponsors!

5x7 sponsor post

Do you know someone that has a craft store? or maybe it is you?

Get some much needed advertising for your store. All by simply sponsoring a prize or being a primary partner for the specified  month.

With a reach over over 800 members (and growing daily) it's a great way for you to reach some new customers and requires very little work for you to do so

Its as simple as nominating a prize amount and getting some advertising on the ww1 blog posts and then In the middle of the month you send out the winner their prize and get to show off your shop!

Bricks&Mortar or Online.. all are welcome!

Don't forget to share this message on your FB page and with anyone that may be able to sponsor.

Please send an email to: so we can chat more if your interested.


Administrator & Coordinator of WW1 Scrap Challenge Blog

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