Wednesday, 28 October 2009

fabulous entries

Aileen Herne - 2 be with you
Julene Matthews - nesting
Michelle Turner - loving you
CJ Johnson - Kinder 2009
Julie Pearce - Granma
Wendy Kwok - beiss
Rachel Shryver - {us}
Brigitte van der Linden - Dog Fight


Rochelle said...

Wow lots of great work here, fabulous ladies!

booklady said...

My layout is straight,it looks crooked on here....I'll blame the scanner.LOL

Pippa said...

Ooooh, lots of eye candy here ladies. Just gorgeous :)

Hayley Turner said...

WOW....gorgeous entries ladies!!!

LaBonita said...
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LaBonita said...

Fabulous entries!!! So many talented ladies!

wendela said...

ooowwwwoowww!! you are so talented!!

Monique said...

These are gorgeous layouts!!
I have done this challenge - for some reason my Email server is having "issues"
I have loaded it on to my blog - and will email it in tomorrow morning.