How to enter challenges on inlinkz directions

How to enter challenges on inlinkz directions
The first thing you will need to do is upload the layout to your blog online.
If you need directions on how to do this see file page called “how to make a blog and upload to it”
To enter the challenge online you need to click on the title of the blog post that you have just published (for example: test) to your blog. It now opens up that particular blog post, what you now need to do is copy & paste the information in the website address line.
So in this case it would be:

How to enter a challenge:
Go to the challenge and find the website link that was given by the challenge blog: Most of them will look something like this:

You want to click on the link that says “add your link”
It then brings up this page..

You want to enter the following details:
Link: this is the blog title link that you copy & pasted from your blog a few moments ago so it would be in this instance.
Link title: this is where you would type: Sally Scrapper, Acacia Ridge, Australia
Email: Your email address

It automatically brings up all images that are associated with that blog post, so all you have to do is click on “select’ on the image of your layout, which will then put it up in a square and then press DONE.
You have now entered your challenge online!
It will now upload your layout to the challenge link ready to be seen!

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