Heather Bensley

Hi everyone,

I am thrilled to be invited as the guest designer for White With 1 for November, with cozy inspiration coming from a Caramel Latte mood board.

I started Scrapbooking when my first grandchild was born and she will soon be celebrating her 18th birthday, how time flies when you're scrapping! I now have five gorgeous grandchildren and so have lots of inspiration to keep me going. My daughters keep me supplied with a plethora of delightful photos that seem to fit all scenarios.

I have seen a lot of changes in Scrapbooking since I started, not only in styles but also in materials and techniques, but it is still nice to find old papers and embellishments and mix them with exciting new pieces. I wouldn't describe myself as having any particular dominant style, instead preferring to just go with what I love at the time and having fun exploring new techniques that I would like to try.

I have met some amazing, inspiring and lovely people during my Scrapbooking journey. I have just retired (... this is my second attempt at retirement but this time I think it will stick!) and so now have lots of the rarest resource that scrappers covets, time!! And so now, in my little studio my husband has built me in our garden,  I love scrapping everyday, enjoying seeing my grandchildren smiling back at me from my pages.

Cheers and Happy Scrapping,



Amanda Moran

Excited to be here at White with 1 as the guest designer for October - thanks for having me :)

I've been scrapping on and off since the early 2000's when my two adult daughters were much younger! I work full-time in government but with an empty nest I find plenty of time for crafting! I hadn't scrapped for a quite few years until recently when I was inspired by several of my scrapping friends who were busy creating during the pandemic!

I love the lifelong friendships I've made through scrapbooking. I have enjoyed some wonderful times with these women from all over Australia. They feature in the layouts I'm sharing with you this month! Preserving memories for future generations is a wonderful side benefit of scrapbooking! While I think my scrapping style is pretty vanilla, I do prefer bright colours.

If you visit my Instagram
you'll see my other crafty love - hooking with yarn (crochet).


Tracey Beer

Hi everyone. I’m so excited to be here. 

I live in Melbourne and work full time as a Detective with Victoria Police. I’m a mother, scrapbooker and love to travel (staying safe at home now though). 

I’ve been scrapping for about 16 years and my 20 year old son was my greatest source of inspiration until he became photo phobic about 6 years ago. He now has a delightful girlfriend so photos have started to flow again! As a former fitter and turner familiar with technical drawings, when I first started scrapping I favoured a very graphic style and struggled to even place my photo on an angle. My style has evolved and I’m a big fan of mixed media. It’s still rare though that I place my photo on an angle!


Karen Jarman (Australia)


I started scrapping in 2007, ( can’t believe it has been that long!) I have met the most amazing women along the way and have made lifelong friendships. My drive to scrap is not about preserving memories although that is the bi-product I scrap for me and the enjoyment of actually making something arty. My style has change over the years, where once I never touched mixed media I now pretty much have some sort of mixed media on every layout. My latest favourite thing is using cut files, yep I am a little late to the party but I love them!

I would love for you to pop over to my Instagram here –


 Lizzy Crust (Australia)

Hi there! I am so excited to share with you this month as Guest Designer for White with One scrapbooking challenge with the delicious color of Cranberry Craze. 

I have been scrapbooking since 2006 and I have a blog where I share my creating called  Crumbs of Creativity and here is a link to my blog . I like creating for online challenges and have made lots of crafty friends along the way!

I am Mum to 4 with 3 partners added into our family and one Darling Grand Daughter who I love to feature in my layouts. Scrapbooking is my therapy and escape and I also enjoy getting out in my garden. I guess in both places I can indulge in my love of flowers.!!


Kamila (Poland)

You Tube:
instagram: @kuferpelenskarbow


Debra Beer (Australia)

My name is Debra Beer, I live in the beautiful Hunter Valley in NSW.

I have 2 beautiful daughters and 4 amazing grandchildren aged between 1 and 8.

My partner and I love to travel, and I love taking photos. I have been scrapping for over 20 years now and I love it. 


Kristina Wurmbrand (Switzerland)

My name is Kristina, I am a mother of two children and an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers.

The photographs from my family inspired me to do this. Scrapbooking is the best way to e.g. capture photos, children's drawings and memorable events by adding lovely details, symbols, texts, notes, stories, etc. A lot of additional information for future generations can be captured with a photo.

I got interested in this hobby even before my son was born and have been practicing this craft for over ten years. I prefer to do "traditional scrapbooking". I also enjoy designing my own postcards. It is form me a kind of meditation and therapy to work with colors and textures. The mixed media techniques allows you to get a lot of interesting and exciting results by simply trying them out.

"Get inspired and inspire others"

You can find more of my arts and works at


Sonia Lanosch (Australia)

I have always wanted to do a craft but being visually impaired I found it hard to find something that I could see to do at the level I wanted to achieve. 6 years ago, my sister took me to a card making class, and I have never looked back. I just love it! Unlike most people who can see all the detail, my work is based not just on what I can see but very much on feel and touch and my other senses, including my gut feelings.

After putting my hand to card making and then designing my own cards the next progression has been off the page projects where I have been able to express a different side of myself. I am now really enjoying experimenting with layouts in my own unique way. I love inspirational messages that can touch you and help you remember the little things. I feel all my designs can be adapted to include a photo.


Karen Brierley (Australia)

Thank you so much for the guest spot at White... with 1. About me: I live in a semi-rural area on bush acreage in South East Queensland with my husband, dog, and an assortment of chickens and Australian wildlife. I also have a teenage daughter who has recently ventured out into the adult world on her own.

I enjoy sharing my scrapping creations online with like-minded people. Scrap challenges motivate me and give me focus. My favourite techniques are machine stitching and doodling, and you'll usually see one or the other on my pages. If you take a peek at my blog you can see my current and previous creations.


Wendy Crowe (USA)

Hello!  My name is Wendy Crowe and I am so excited to be a Guest Designer here.  I have been scrapbooking for about 20 years now.  I consider myself to be a simple scrapper but I do like to try out new techniques here and there.

My main subjects are my 3 kids, son-in-law and my incredibly patient, understanding and supportive husband.  My biggest motivations are always sketch challenges, mood boards and color palettes.

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity!

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